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My New Favorite Songs!

So I’ve been obsessing a little over Youtube for a while.  I have found a couple songs that I’m completely mad over…in a good way.  I’ve listened to them over and over for hours.  So, I decided to share them with you!  Aren’t I so sweet???

My favorite mix of SPiCa, feat. Chibita.

I just found this artist this past week.  Meisa Kuroki.  I love the album Attitude.

Utada Hikaru is good for any mood!

^_^ Sayonara!


Vampire Knight (Anime) – Review

I was introduced to this anime through a friend who wanted me to read the manga.  I haven’t read the manga yet, seeing as I already have three ongoing mangas I’m reading, but I do plan to in the future.  There’s alot in the anime that I like.

Vampire Knight is about Cross Academy, a high school where vampires attend night classes.  Yuki Cross is the main character; her earliest memory is, as a child, being attacked by a vampire and also rescued by one, Kaname Kuran.  This was ten years earlier.  Yuki and Zero Kiryu, a vampire hunter, are guardians at the school.  They protect the secret of the “Night Class” students.  Within a few episodes, you find out that four years earlier, Zero was bitten by a pure blood, the only type of vampire that can turn humans into vampires.  He’s spent those years fighting the slow and painful transformation.

Yuki, once she finds out, promises to help Zero when he becomes a vampire.  There is a type of vampire called, Level E, which are crazed vampires who have lost their humanity.  All human-turned vampires are destined for this fate.  Yuki basically promises to kill Zero once he reaches this state, if he ever does.  Kaname is a pure blood and acts as leader of all the vampires in the “Night Class” while also acting as protector of Yuki, whom he loves.  Yuki also loves him because he is her first memory and he has protected her for the ten years since.  However, you always feel that Kaname knows more than what he leads on.  Zero also loves Yuki, but hates Kaname and all vampires for what happened to him and his family, who were killed by a pure blood.

I don’t want to spoil the anime, but I feel like if I explain the story anymore, I will.  The characters are actually really good.  Yuki got on my nerves a little at the beginning, but she’s very caring and can be a little funny.  Zero (right) is an almost stoic character.  He never smiles and he’s very reclusive.  Kaname (left), my favorite, always appears as though he’s thinking about something, like there’s something coming.  So, whenever you see him just looking out the window, it’s suspenseful.  You almost get the impression that he’s the puppet master pulling the strings of everyone.  A couple of the other vampires are great, too; I love Hanabusa and Ichijou.  Hanabusa is so funny while Ichijou is little of everything.

I love the opening and ending songs for this anime.  For the first season, the opening is Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi by ON/OFF and the ending is Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima.  For the second season, the opening is Rondo by ON/OFF and the ending is Suna no Oshiro by Kanon Wakeshima.  I do like the fact that they kept the same artists for the opening and ending, but used different songs.

There is a second season, Vampire Knight Guilty, which is good, too.  It is a continuation, but there’s new problems, too.  Unlike a lot of anime, where the second season feels rushed, this one flows very well, I think.  Each season is 13 episodes.  The manga is 13 volumes, but is ongoing.  If you enjoy vampires and romance, this is an anime for you.

Story: 10

Characters: 10

Artwork: 9

Music: 9

Voices: 9

Overall: 9 out of 10

^_^ Sayonara!

My Favorite Bands/Artists

These are by no means in any special order.

Gackt – His voice is beautiful (as well as other parts of him).  There are some songs that seem a little pop and some that seem a little more rock-ish so it appeals to both sides of me.  He has some very heartfelt songs that I want to listen to over and over again.  I started listening to him when he sang for Malice Mizer and continued to listen to him after he went solo.  My favorite songs by him at the moment are: Ghost, Returner, Redemption, Seiipai no Sayonara, Farewell, and Seki-ray.

Phantasmagoria – Visual Kei at it’s best!!  Riku *faint* is amazing…voice, beautiful…appearance, beautiful.  Need I say more?  Unfortunately, they band stopped making music together a while back, but their songs are worth listening to.  My favorites are Eternal Silence ~Gensoukyoku~, Variant Jihad, and Neo-ark.

Versailles – Another visual Kei band; with another beautiful creature as the front man.  There are some very dramatic intros and their PVs are fantastic.  My favorites are: Sympathia, The Love From a Dead Orchestra, and Beast of Desire.

D – This band is the same as the other two visual Kei band’s I’ve described, but with a bit more femininity thrown in.  My favorite is: Ouka Saki Some ni Keri.  Yeah, just one, but it’s amazing!

Kokia – Her voice is unlike any other I’ve heard before.  She has a little bit of an operatic sense, but it’s very gentle.  Most of her songs ballads.  Favorites: Ai no Melody & Cyouwa Oto ~With Reflection~.  Both of these songs are featured in the anime movie Origins: Spirits of the Past.  Ai no Melody makes me cry everytime I see the video…just watch it.

Well, I think I’ve wasted enough of your time for today…at least with videos.  ^_^  Sayonara!