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Boys Before Flowers – Review

This drama, the second I’ve seen, I admit made me cry almost too many times.  The crying most came from the fact that I loved one character more than the other.

Boys Before Flowers, a Korean drama, is about a girl who begins to attend a private elite school only because of a scholarship.  Her family forces her to attend, bribing her by telling her there’s a pool there.  Swimming is her passion.  This school has a group called F4 who pretty much makes the rules.  They are a group of four guys, all from rich families.  Guem Jan Di, this poor girl, is stubborn and thinks the F4 are immature and hates them.  Gu Jun Pyo, the leader of F4, gives Jan Di the red card, which, once it’s found in your locker, causes the whole school to torture you in different ways.

Jan Di, being the strong person she is, takes it all and asks for more.  Jun Pyo doesn’t understand this and, after receiving a spinning kick in the face from her, he decides that he wants her…as a girlfriend.  Jan Di, who hates Jun Pyo, falls in love with his best friend, Yoon Ji Hoo, but he loves a childhood friend.  Ji Hoo does eventually fall for Jan Di, too.  The whole drama, 25 episodes, is spent with Jan Di going back and forth between the two loves.  This is drama at it’s best.

Jan Di (left) can be really childish, but she’s normal.  Jun Pyo is one person I could deal without.  He’s arrogant, stubborn, and immature.  Ji Hoo (right), on the other hand, is loving and shy.  He loves music, which is funny because the actor Kim Hyun Joong is a member of the band SS501.  Goo Hye Sun, Jan Di, plays her really well, though I don’t really like her character.

The music in this drama was one of the best things about it.  SS501 has a few insert songs as do A’ST1, Ashily (the song “Lucky”), and Shinee.  My favorite song was “What Should I Do” by Jisun.  It’s such a beautiful song, but it’s so sad.  It really goes well with the drama.

I had a few problems with this drama.  One, I was starting to wonder when Jan Di was going to get with one of the two guys and just stay there.  Jun Pyo does a lot of things to hurt her, but Ji Hoo is there all the time to pick her back up and protect her.  I hated Jun Pyo for all the things he did and wanted Ji Hoo to be the one Jan Di finally ran to.  My other problem was, the other two friends, Yi Jung and Woo Bin.  Yi Jung ends up liking Jan Di’s best friend, but what about Woo Bin?  He’s really sweet, but he doesn’t get a girl?

It’s definitely a drama you need to watch, but don’t watch it if you want comedy.  There’s not much.  If you want a tear-jerking romance, watch this because you’ll get your fill.

Story: 9

Characters: 8

Acting: 10

Music: 9 (only because they repeated a lot of songs over and over again)

Overall: 9 out of 10

^_^ Sayonara!