You’re Beautiful – Review

This drama was recommended to me because I liked Hana Kimi.  I wanted something that was fun and light compared to Boys Before Flowers, which I watched previously.  This definitely stood up to that.

You’re Beautiful is a Korean Drama that, like Hana Kimi, is about a girl who pretends to be a boy.  Go Mi Nyu is a girl who grew up in a convent with her twin brother Go Mi Nam.  Mi Nyu is in the process of becoming a nun while her brother wants to be a famous singer.  The day before she is to leave for Rome, she is bombarded by her brother’s manager who begs her to pretend to be her brother.  Mi Nam has been accepted to be the popular band, A.N.Jell’s new member.  Mi Nam, who is currently in the U.S. receiving a cosmetic surgery, will not recover before the new member’s introduction to the band.  To keep her brother’s dream going, she does this.

The leader of the band, Hwang Tae Kyung (far left), who doesn’t like anyone or anything, treats “Mi Nam” badly.  He shuns her and anything she does.  She, of course, is clumsy and causes a lot of mishaps which don’t actually make the guy like her at all. There are two other members, Jeremy (right) and Kang Shin Woo.  Shin Woo and Tae Kyung actually end up falling for her as does Jeremy, but he doesn’t realize “Mi Nam” is a girl until much later.  Mi Nyu loves Tae Kyung and only thinks of the other two as friends, though.

Mi Nyu has to go through a lot in the drama, 16 episodes, in order to keep her secret, well, a secret.  In doing so, she tries to find the mother she never knew and discovers what love is.  She also has to deal with anti-fans, a pop singer who’s in love with Tae Kyung, and producing a solo album.

This drama was so much fun to watch.  I love all the characters!  Tae Kyung has a serious OCD problem and I loved watching him overly clean self.  Not to mention, I’m a Jang Geun Suk fan, he’s so cute.  Jeremy was a complete mess for the first few episodes.  He thought he was gay for a while so it was pretty funny.  Shin Woo is one of those hopeless romantic guys that you like for a while, but then it gets really old.  I thought the acting was good, too.  They all have their own little tics that make their characters; for example: Tae Kyung calls Mi Nyu a “pig-rabbit” and he always scrunches his lips up when he’s thinking.

The music for this drama was actually pretty good.  I like the A.N.Jell song, “Still.”  I found myself singing to that song every time it was played.  It’s definitely a show to watch.  (I know I say that about everything now, but I’m serious!)

Story: 9

Characters: 9

Music: 9

Acting: 8

Overall: 9 out of 10

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My New Obsession – K-Pop

So, after watching a Korean drama, I suddenly became obsessed with K-Pop.  Right now I’m really loving some of these pop/dance songs.  I really wanted to share them with you all.

JYJ – I’m really loving Park Yoo Chun.  His voice is amazing.  My favorite songs are “Ayyy Girl” and “Empty,” and “Be My Girl.”  Their songs just make me want to dance…though that would be bad since I am a horrible dancer (*points at self* nerdy white girl).

MBLAQ – Listening to them right now!  The first song I heard was “Y” and it quickly became set on repeat.  Lol.

SS501 – I became a fan of Kim Hyun Joong while watching Boys Before Flowers and so, of course, when I found out he was in this band, I had to get every song!  He’s so cute!!  I’m loving “Deja Vu,” “UR Man,” and Kim Hyun Joong’s solo “Please.”

Some other songs I’ve been listening to are: “Fight the Bad Feeling” by T-Max, “Eat You Up” by BoA, and “What Should I Do” by Jisun.

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Vampire Knight (Anime) – Review

I was introduced to this anime through a friend who wanted me to read the manga.  I haven’t read the manga yet, seeing as I already have three ongoing mangas I’m reading, but I do plan to in the future.  There’s alot in the anime that I like.

Vampire Knight is about Cross Academy, a high school where vampires attend night classes.  Yuki Cross is the main character; her earliest memory is, as a child, being attacked by a vampire and also rescued by one, Kaname Kuran.  This was ten years earlier.  Yuki and Zero Kiryu, a vampire hunter, are guardians at the school.  They protect the secret of the “Night Class” students.  Within a few episodes, you find out that four years earlier, Zero was bitten by a pure blood, the only type of vampire that can turn humans into vampires.  He’s spent those years fighting the slow and painful transformation.

Yuki, once she finds out, promises to help Zero when he becomes a vampire.  There is a type of vampire called, Level E, which are crazed vampires who have lost their humanity.  All human-turned vampires are destined for this fate.  Yuki basically promises to kill Zero once he reaches this state, if he ever does.  Kaname is a pure blood and acts as leader of all the vampires in the “Night Class” while also acting as protector of Yuki, whom he loves.  Yuki also loves him because he is her first memory and he has protected her for the ten years since.  However, you always feel that Kaname knows more than what he leads on.  Zero also loves Yuki, but hates Kaname and all vampires for what happened to him and his family, who were killed by a pure blood.

I don’t want to spoil the anime, but I feel like if I explain the story anymore, I will.  The characters are actually really good.  Yuki got on my nerves a little at the beginning, but she’s very caring and can be a little funny.  Zero (right) is an almost stoic character.  He never smiles and he’s very reclusive.  Kaname (left), my favorite, always appears as though he’s thinking about something, like there’s something coming.  So, whenever you see him just looking out the window, it’s suspenseful.  You almost get the impression that he’s the puppet master pulling the strings of everyone.  A couple of the other vampires are great, too; I love Hanabusa and Ichijou.  Hanabusa is so funny while Ichijou is little of everything.

I love the opening and ending songs for this anime.  For the first season, the opening is Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi by ON/OFF and the ending is Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima.  For the second season, the opening is Rondo by ON/OFF and the ending is Suna no Oshiro by Kanon Wakeshima.  I do like the fact that they kept the same artists for the opening and ending, but used different songs.

There is a second season, Vampire Knight Guilty, which is good, too.  It is a continuation, but there’s new problems, too.  Unlike a lot of anime, where the second season feels rushed, this one flows very well, I think.  Each season is 13 episodes.  The manga is 13 volumes, but is ongoing.  If you enjoy vampires and romance, this is an anime for you.

Story: 10

Characters: 10

Artwork: 9

Music: 9

Voices: 9

Overall: 9 out of 10

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Fruits Basket – Review

Fruits Basket is one of those anime that I’ve seen once, but I’d watch again for one character (he’s only in a few episodes).  I know a lot of people love this anime, but I honestly don’t know why.  It’s a little immature and I guess the majority of the audience is 14 years old or younger.

Tohru Honda is a girl who lives in a tent; her mom recently died and she was living with her grandfather, but his house is being remodeled.  She told him that she would be living with a friend, but in truth she is living in a tent by herself because she doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone.  One day, she passes by a nearby house on her way to school.  She meets the Sohmas.  Yuki Sohma is the “prince” of her school.  Yuki and his cousin, Shigure, walk by her tent one night and they invite her to live with them, after a landslide hits her tent, as long as she’s their house keeper.

Soon, Tohru discovers the Sohma’s curse.  While keeping Yuki and Kyou, another cousin, from fighting, she accidentally hugs Kyou.  This causes him to turn into a cat!  She ends up hugging Yuki and Shigure, too.  Yuki becomes a mouse and Shigure becomes a dog.  The Sohmas are cursed by the animals of the zodiac.  Anytime a member of the opposite sex hugs them or their body is stressed, they become the animal.  Tohru promises not to tell anyone, but Shigure must tell Akito, their leader, about the discovery.  Akito decides whether she gets to keep her memory or not.  He decides to trust her for the time being.  Akito is the main antagonist.  He pretty much decides the fate of anyone and everyone in the Sohma family and also anyone who knows their secret so he causes some trouble for them.

When I first saw this anime, I thought it was ok.  It is certainly not the best in any category, but it’s ok.  The characters seem very one-sided, mostly because each animal has their own personality and they never stray from that.  Tohru is very naive and can be very annoying at times.  She’s constantly worrying about every little thing.  Shigure and Ayame, the snake (which is my zodiac animal, too), are my favorites.  Shigure can be a little lecturous and writes trashy romance novels under a pen name.  He and Ayame are best friends.  Ayame is Yuki’s older brother and is very eccentric.  Ayame and Shigure are the only reasons why I would watch it again.

There are too many differences in the manga and the anime.  The anime is 26 episodes while the manga is 23 volumes.  The anime is very toned down and has a lot of things that aren’t even in the manga.  The anime really only follows the story up until volume eight of the manga.  The voices in the anime, for me, aren’t the best.  Neither the Japanese or the English voices are good.  Both for Yuki are bad choices.  Tohru’s English voice is not good either.  Shigure’s English and Kyou’s Japanese voices are pretty spot-on, though.  Oh, and I hate the songs.

While it’s certainly not my favorite, some people may like it.  If you enjoy the younger romantic types of anime, you may like it.  My advice for you, if you do decide to look into it, watch the anime first.  If you don’t like the anime, then you won’t like the manga.

Story: 8

Characters: 8

Artwork: 8

Music: 6

Voices: 8

Overall: 7 out of 10

^_^ Sayonara!

Top 10 Hottest Anime Characters

I need to post some more fun things.  Maybe these lists are the way to do it.  Some people, those who are not into anime, think that liking “cartoon” characters is completely stupid.  I DISAGREE!  It’s perfectly fine!  Lol.  Anime characters can be so completely attractive!  Therefore, this list…is my Top 10 Hottest Characters!

1. Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler) – He’s my favorite character of all I think.

2. Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler) – *drools*…need I say more?

3. Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle) – He’s so sweet!

4. Sesshomaru (InuYasha) – demon, dark, mysterious, stoic…love him.

5. Kyosuke Kosaka (Ore no Imouto) – This guy is a mystery to me as to why I like him so much…I just do.

6. Amon (Witch Hunter Robin) – another mysterious character lol.

7. Isaak Von Kampfer (Trinity Blood) – I think it’s the hair…

8. Kuran Kaname (Vampire Knight) – vampire, mysterious, tall, dark, handsome…yeah.

9. Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist) – cute, demon, hilarious!

10. Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) – This is another one that I don’t know why I like him.  He goes against my usual likings.

Ones who nearly made it to the list: Hei (Darker than Black), Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach), Gin Ichimaru (Bleach), Count D (Pet Shop of Horrors), Sa Sakujun (Saiunkoku Monogatari), and Hikaru Hitachin (Ouran Host Club).

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Top 10 Best Anime Openings/Endings

I decided to post more music since I’ve only got the one post.  NOTE: This top 10 is only based on my opinion of the anime that I’ve seen so far.  It’s by no means representative of ALL anime.  These are also based on whether I felt they matched well with the anime or not.  There are some songs I feel are chosen simply because it’s a popular song; it doesn’t match the anime well at all.  If there’s some you think I’d like or are your favorites, please feel free to comment…I love discovering new music!  Enjoy.

1. I can’t mention anime openings and not mention this song.  It’s probably one of the most famous openings for all anime.  The opening for Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C., Inner Universe (vocals by Origa).  I think most people would agree that this opening is perfect for the anime.

2. This is one of my favorite songs.  The first anime I ever watched was InuYasha and this is the first Japanese song I ever heard.  Every Heart by BoA is the 4th ending song for InuYasha.  The lyrics really do correspond to the anime well.

3. I think this video (though it has nothing to do with anime) is one of the most awesome PVs ever!  Maximum the Hormone – Zetsubou Billy is the 2nd ending song for Death Note.

4. ClariS – Irony is the opening for Ore no Imouto.  This song is so fun, just like the anime.  It fits so perfectly.

5. This song is from the movie Origins: Spirits of the Past.  Kokia has two songs in this movie (opening and ending), but the first, Chouwa Oto I think fits the anime so well.  It’s so beautiful and it has some sad dramatic moments, which go well with the anime’s world.

6. Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi is the opening song for Vampire Knight by ON/OFF.  It’s completely addictive.

7. The first part of season one of Black Butler is more fun than the rest of the series.  So, the ending should be fun, too, right?  It is.  I’m Alive by Becca is also one of my favorite songs as well as in my top 10 of openings/endings.

8. Howling by Abingdon Boys School is the opening for Darker than Black.  This song is sooo good.

9. Shell by Bana is the opening for Witch Hunter Robin.  It’s so sad, but it fits so well with the story.

10.  This one is only at the bottom of the list because at first I didn’t like it, but now I’m really loving it.  Orange Range – Asterisk is the first opening for Bleach.

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Black Butler (All-in-One) – Review

Finally, I’ve come to review my favorite anime of all.  I do have about five favorite anime, but I think this one above all is my absolute favorite.  Kuroshitsuji, or Black Butler, is just…EPIC!  There’s more than just anime for this one, too, so I’m reviewing it all in one!  There’s the manga, the music, and the anime…and a musical, which I haven’t seen yet, and a videogame, which I have yet to play.

Black Butler is about a demon, Sebastian Michaelis, who makes a contract with a boy, Ciel Phantomhive.  The contract is basically that Sebastian serves Ciel as his butler until he takes his revenge against whoever killed his parents; after that, Sebastian get’s Ciel’s soul.  It’s set in Victorian England.  The first season of Black Butler is about Sebastian helping Ciel take his revenge.  The second season is just the continuation, but introduces a new demon, Claude Faustus.
I don’t want to give anything away so that’s all I’m telling you.  HA!  On to my review.

Sebastian really is “one hell of a butler.”  He’s attractive, but so very mysterious.  He’s funny when the time’s right; I’ll say one word…cat fetish.  Ciel, even though he’s just a boy, is very mature.  I love his character because you don’t expect him to be the way he is.  Granted, once you find out everything he went through, you’ll be more sympathetic and understand.

There are so many characters that I can’t describe them all, but I will tell you about a few of my favorites.  Grell Sutcliff is my favorite character second to Sebastian.  This guy is hilarious and utterly drool-worthy.  Grell is a Soul-Reaper and is absolutely in love with Sebastian, or Sebas-chan as he calls him, which I’m guessing would be like calling him Sebby for short.  Undertaker is, well, the undertaker, and he’s very creepy, but in a fun way.

Claude Faustus, who is only in the second season, is another demon.  I know that a lot of people hate Claude and his contracted, Alois Trancy, but I actually like Claude.  He’s an interesting character.  I really wish I knew more about him than what the anime shows.  I really do hate Alois though…he can just die!  Some other important characters are Elizabeth, Ciel’s fiance, Madame Red, Ciel’s aunt, Queen Victoria, William T. Spears, another Soul-Reaper, Prince Soma, an Indian Prince, and Soma’s butler, Agni.  There’s also the others who help in the Phantomhive manor: Finnian, May-Rin, Bardroy, and Tanaka.  Oh, and I can’t forget Pluto, the hell-hound.

The story can be very dramatic and at times there are some real loving moments.  Sebastian is devoted to Ciel in every way.  You come to realize just how important Sebastian is to Ciel and it can be very heart-wrenching.  One episode in particular where you realize this is the episode involving the camera.  This camera shows, in the photo of a person, the most important thing to that person that has passed on to the next world.

The first season is out in English now, but the voices aren’t the best.  Some of them are ok, but the Japanese version is better.  Jun Fukuyama voices Grell, which is just perfect!  Daisuke Ono is Sebastian, which is another perfect match.  In English, the voices are done with an accent, which I think was a mistake.  Finnian’s voice is the worst, Jason Liebrecht, no offense, I just think it was a bad match.  Undertaker is way better in Japanese, too; it’s so much more creepy.  The anime is at a total of 36 episodes.

The manga is so much more in-depth and is ongoing as of right now, 11 volumes.  The anime stretches past the manga so the manga’s story hasn’t gotten to the point of even the first season of the anime yet.  Usually I don’t review anything until it’s finished, but the manga is great, too.  The artwork is beyond great and there’s so many more minor storylines.

As for music, in the anime, it’s so good.  The opening for the first season is Monochrome no Kiss by SID, the first ending is I’m Alive by Becca, and the second ending is Lacrimosa by Kalafina.  The opening for the second season is Shiver by the Gazette and the ending is Bird by Matsushita Yuuya.  You’ll want to get all the songs.  However, there’s some you’ll want even more if you love this anime.  You’ll want to get all the character songs, too, as well as the soundtrack.  The character songs are all great!  My favorites are the songs for Grell, Prince Soma and Angi (their duet), and Sebastian.  All the songs are sung by the character’s Japanese voice actors.  I love them!!!

I can’t possibly describe all the good things about this anime, manga, and the music.  I hope that the manga continues with the story in the anime and maybe past that so there can be a Kuroshitsuji 3!  Watch it!!!!

Story: 10

Characters: 10

Artwork: 10

Music: 10

Voices: 8 (in English); 10 (in Japanese)

Overall: 10 out of 10

This is a video of the first ending credits.  The song is one of my favorites and the video is…KAWAII!

^_^ Sayonara!

The Cat Returns – Review

Ah!  The Cat Returns!  One of my favorite Studio Ghibli films; I’ve seen it so many times.  Hayao Miyazaki, please make a sequel!!!  ^_^ (I’m such a kid…)

Haru is a normal high school girl who’s going through the normal teenage stuff; the boy she likes doesn’t notice her and she lacks self-confidence.  On her way home from school, she saves a cat from being run over and he thanks her.  Yes, the cat thanks her.  Later that night, cats come to her house, the King specifically.  These cats tell her that the cat she saved was the Prince and to thank her, they will be giving her gifts.  Haru’s mother tells her that she actually told her when she was a kid that she could talk to cats.  The next day, she finds out that the gifts are catnip and mice!  One cat comes to make sure she’s enjoying her gifts, but tells her that she’s been offered the Prince’s hand in marriage.  Haru’s shocked reply is mistaken as an agreement, which is very bad.

Haru overhears a voice that tells her to find a big white cat and ask to be taken to the Cat Bureau.  The voice tells her that they will be able to help her.  This is how we meet Fatso, I mean Muta.  ^_^  He takes her to the Cat Bureau to meet the Baron, but before he can help her, she is kidnapped, or should I say catnapped?  They are taken to the Cat Kingdom, where she is now the same size as the cats.  Haru is taken to the palace where she realizes she’s becoming a cat.
The Baron rescues her, but they have to get to the top of the tower in order to return home and in order to get to the tower, they have to get through the King’s maze while guards are coming after them.

Haru is such a great character.  She’s normal in almost every way except that she can talk to cats.  Baron is the best though; he’s noble, brave, and so sweet.  Muta is hilarious, especially his fights with a crow named Toto.

The voices of the characters are some of the best.  Anne Hathaway voices Haru, which is perfect!  Baron has a British accent, which I think fits him the best.  The main song in the film is Kaze ni Naru by Ayano Tsuji.  I love this song so much.  Every time I listen to it, it immediately reminds me of the movie because it fits so well.

My biggest problem with the film is that it ends!  I want so badly for her to go back to the Cat Bureau and see Baron again.  There needs to be a sequel.  Seriously.

Story: 10

Characters: 10

Artwork: 9

Music: 9

Voices: 10

Overall: 9.5 out of 10

^_^ Sayonara!

Haibane Renmei – Review

Haibane  Renmei was an anime that I thought was going to be more than what it was.  I was honestly a little disappointed.  If you’re reading this, it’s a good thing because now you won’t expect too much out of it.  I’m not saying it was bad.  I’m just saying that I was disappointed.

There is Haibane, which are a group of individuals that look like angels, who live in Old Home.  Most of them are children.  Every Haibane is born from a cocoon into this world and before they are born, they all have a dream.  They are named after their dream.  Rakka (“falling”), the main character, has a dream about falling and a crow trying to keep her from falling.  She is cared for by Reki, one of the older Haibane.  Rakka is introduced to everyone and is told that she must find a job.  Haibane are not allowed to have anything new, use actual money, and are forbidden to touch the wall that surrounds Glie, the town they all live in.

Rakka follows each of her new friends for a day at their jobs so that she can decide what she wants to do.  Her friend Kuu disappears later on and Rakka is told that she has taken her Day of Flight, or when Haibane pass over the wall never to return.  The Day of Flight is only for those who are no longer “sin-bound.”  Rakka becomes very depressed and runs away after her wings begin to turn black.  Her black feathers are caused by her “sin.”  She falls in a well, where she finds the bones of a crow, which causes her to remember her dream.  She is then rescued by two Toga, people who are from the Haibane Renmei, or Charcoal Feather Federation.

Still hurt from her fall, she tries to return to Old Home, but touches the wall when she hears Kuu’s voice.  The Communicator, a translator for the Toga, tells Rakka about the Circle of Sin, which Reki is caught in.  Reki finds Rakka, but becomes jealous when she realizes that Rakka’s wings are back to normal.  It’s up to Rakka to help Reki take her Day of Flight before her time is up.

It’s a very unique story and I found that I liked where everything was going up to the point where Reki’s problem came up.  I understand that Reki is an important character, but I thought that Rakka was the main character; then, it switches all the sudden to focusing only on Reki.  I love how it ends, but I just wish that the story could have focused on Rakka and her Day of Flight rather than Reki’s.  For a short anime, you don’t get too much into the characters and their backgrounds, which was another con for me.  I wanted to know more about some of the characters and, more importantly, the Toga.  Rakka is a little shy and sweet while Reki is more of a stubborn character, but she’s very caring and protective.

It’s only available in Japanese, but the voices are good for the characters and the music is good, too.  Notice I didn’t say great.  Not really anything about this anime is great; it’s just ok.  It’s not an anime that I want to watch again and I had forgotten a large part of it (except for the scene where Reki’s sin comes up because it’s so dramatic).  I don’t know if it’s something I’d recommend because it’s not really much of anything; it’s not comedy, it’s not romance, it’s not horror, and it’s not fantastic.  If you’re bored, watch it…that’s about all I can say really.

Story: 8

Characters: 7

Artwork: 8

Music: 6

Voices: 8

Overall: 7.5 out of 10

^_^ Sayonara!

Pet Shop of Horrors (OVA) – Review

Pet Shop of Horrors is one of those anime that sounds like it would be worth watching. Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed. I do plan on reading the manga at some point because I do like the character, Count D, but the anime is far from appealing.

It’s an OVA that only has four episodes. With every contract Count D makes, there are three rules. They always include that they are never to show the creature to anyone and if they break any part of the contract, there are bad consequences.

The first, is about a couple who lost their daughter. They go to Count D, an androgynous pet shop owner, who gives them a rabbit. This rabbit is very rare and looks just like Alice, their daughter. The second episode is about a singer who falls overboard a ship during her wedding to her manager, Jason. Jason goes to Count D and is given a pet, a mermaid that looks just like his late wife. The third is about an actor whose every role is the same type. His wife leaves him and he become reclusive and spends all his time with the reptiles he loves. Count D gives him a rare species, a Medusa, that is half beautiful woman and half deadly reptile. The fourth is about a politician who is seeking a Kirin. Kirin grant wishes of their owner with others blood.

Each case is about how the contracts are breached. There is a detective who is trying to connect these strange occurrences to the pet shop. His name is Leon Orcot. Other than information about the characters who take on contracts with the pet shop, there’s no other information that you receive. Count D is a very interesting character. You want to know everything about him. Where did he come from, why is he here, and exactly how old is he? Leon Orcot loves to stick his nose in everything, which is why I usually don’t like the detective characters, but it’s his role.

The Count is such a mysterious character. I really do wish I knew more about him. Once I read the manga, I’ll definitely do a review so that I can tell you about him. Perhaps the OVA wouldn’t be so bad for someone who has already read the first manga and knows a little more about it, but it does absolutely nothing for someone who hasn’t.

As far as music and voices, they are incredibly forgettable. They aren’t horrible, but their also not good. Everything is just so-so. The only good thing that I can say about this anime is that it does get you interested in the Count and you’ll want to read the manga to find out more. Other than that, harshly put, it’s crap. Save your time with the OVA and just go straight to the manga. The manga is 10 volumes, but there is a secondary manga called New Pet Shop of Horrors, or Pet Shop of Horrors – Tokyo, which is 8 volumes.

Story: 7

Characters: 8

Artwork: 6

Music: 4

Voices: 4

Overall: 5 out of 10

^_^ Sayonara!