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Trinity Blood (anime) – Review

Trinity Blood is one of the anime in my top 10.  It’s so creative and unique!  Usually, I’m not into science fiction, but this is something that also appeals to the vampire love in me.

Trinity Blood is set 900 years after “Armageddon” and The Roman Catholic Church is a major military power.  There are humans, of course, and Methuselah, or vampires created by humans injecting Bacillus, a virus found during the colonization of Mars, into their bodies.  Then, there are the Crusnik, which were created by installing the Crusnik nanomachines found on Mars into four test tube babies: Seth, Cain, Abel, and Lilith.  Now, we know about humans and vampires, but Crusnik are the next up on the food chain; they feed on vampire blood.

Alright, now that all that has been explained, I can move on to the story.  Even 900 years after Armegeddon, there’s still a war going on between humans and Methuselah.  The Vatican has a special operations group called “AX” led by Cardinal Catherina Sforza.  Abel Nightroad, a traveling priest and member of AX is also a Crusnik, 02.  The Order of Rozencreuz is led by Abel’s twin, Cain, Crusnik 01, who is set on controlling the world.  AX is the last hope the humans have.

This anime is full of politics, which usually I wouldn’t like, but it really draws you in.  The characters are some of my favorites!  Abel Nightroad (left) is pretty badass.  In his human form, he’s such an idiot, but as a Crusnik, he is amazing.  He is the basis for pretty much all the humor.  I really wish I could go into all the characters, but I would end up ruining the whole thing so I’ll just go into my favorite character of all.  Isaak Fernand von Kampfer (right), a Methuselah, is also known as the “Panzer Magier.”  He is the founder of the Order of Rozencreuz and is second to Cain.  Unfortunately, you don’t get to know much about him, but he’s so mysterious, dark, polite, charismatic, and just plain sexy!  He’s most often seen smoking a cigarillo.

The only problem that I had with this whole anime is that it ended way too soon.  I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t even elaborate.  I really feel that there should’ve been a second season for this.  There is a novel, a 12 volume manga, and the 24 episode anime.  I have not read the manga…yet!  I have heard, however, that there are a LOT of differences in the two, even so much as character appearance.  The music really fits the anime well.  As for voice overs, the English is fantastic, in my opinion.  Oh, and for anyone who wonders about my favorite anime art style, yeah, this is it.

I think this anime would interest anyone.  It has drama, science fiction, vampires, politics, romance, fighting, machines, guns, suspense, and twists all over the place!

**Isaac & Dietrich**

Story: 10

Characters: 10

Artwork: 10

Music: 10

Voices: 10

Overall: 10 out of 10

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Moon Phase – Review

Being a vampire lover, Moon Phase was one of those anime that I bought just for that reason.  I knew nothing about the anime before I bought it so it was a bit risky.  Luckily, it was worth the buy.

Moon Phase is about a girl, Hazuki, who is a descendant of a royal vampire family.  The anime begins with the boy, Kouhei Morioka, who is a photographer.  He works for an occult magazine because every picture he takes has paranormal phenomenon in it; he doesn’t mean for it to happen.  He goes to an old castle and takes photos where he meets Hazuki who is being held captive.  Hazuki attempts to form a blood pact with Kouhei to make him her slave, but it fails; it has no effect on Kouhei, but Kouhei and his cousin end up freeing Hazuki from the castle.

Hazuki insists that Kouhei is her slave because of the blood pact, but, of course, Kouhei refuses to obey her, which leads to some interesting and funny arguments.  The anime is really about their relationship.  No matter how much they fight, Kouhei feels the need to protect Hazuki from those who try to retrieve her.

Hazuki is an interesting character because she has a duo personality.  Mistress Luna and Hazuki are two completely opposite people living in the same body.  Hazuki is energetic, annoying, loud, and sweet when she wants to be, but Luna is every bit a stereotypical vampire aristocrat as there can be.  Kouhei is an Ama Lamia, Vampire Lover, which means that no vampire can make him their slave and whenever a vampire feeds on his blood, their servitude ties with their masters are broken.  He’s really a normal boy otherwise.  The other characters are interesting in their own ways.

I found that, throughout this anime, I got tired of the story.  I think they were just trying a little hard to do two things at once, the relationship between Hazuki and Kouhei overshadowed the vampire drama a little.  Some good things, though, are the fact that the anime really starts off well and gets you interested almost immediately.  Another thing is that, even though I grew tired of the story, I was already so far into it that it would’ve been a bigger burden to not finish it.

There are 25 episodes, 16 volumes of the manga, and the music is really fun.  The openings are “Neko Mimi Mode” and “Tsuku Yomi Mode” by Dimitri from Paris.  The endings are “Kanashii Yokan” by Marianne Amplifier, “Nami no Toriko ni naru you ni” by Noriko Ogawa, “Pressentiment triste” by Marianne Amplifier, and episode 25’s ending is “Neko Mimi Mode.”

I really do recommend this anime to anyone interested in vampires, supernatural, romance, comedy, or just cute neko ears.

Story: 8

Characters: 8

Artwork: 9

Voices: 9

Music: 9

Overall: 9 out of 10

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